47 Passenger Blue Bird Coach

24 Passenger Buses (A matching 24 Passenger not pictured)

1948 Chrysler Limousine

10 Passenger Limousine Van

Our Fleet

Lincoln Town Car

22 Passenger Bus

15 Passenger Escalade SUV.

44 Passenger Wedding School Buses

12 Passenger Limousine Van.

12 Passenger White Stretch Limousine.

41 Passenger White Blue Bird Bus.


24 Passenger Buses Interior

55 Passenger Motor Coaches

41 Passenger White Blue Bird Bus Interior.

7 passenger Classic Cadillac Limousine "Snow White"

Our Story

       The Trolley Company was started

      in 2009 by Eva Ritchey.  Eva was

      joined by two civic minded women,

      Shirley Palmer-Hill and

      Verna Shipman.  They envisioned

      a unique trolley system in downtown

      Hendersonville, North Carolina.

      After the pilot project ended at the

      end of the summer and it was

      evident that public funding was not

      available, Eva decided to go into

      business with John Pauwels who

      owned one of the trolleys in the pilot

      project.  In 2013 John decided to

      pursue other goals and Eva is now

      the sole owner of The Trolley Company.


      Eva has been an advocate for mass

      transit for more than twenty years.  She

      loves trolleys.  In her words, "Trolleys

      are rolling communities.  They create a

      sense of fun.  People don't think of

      them as mass transit.  They think of

      them as fun."

      The Trolley Company hopes to offer

      many years of excellent service (and